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everything you'll need to prepare for

launch House

The Basics

Who are the most notable Launch House companies and/or founders?

In just 18 short months, we’ve already done a lot of what we’ve set out to do — launch. A very select few of our most notable founders include Neil Parikh from Casper Sleep, Alex Mesmej from Showtime, and Ben-Zion Benkhin from Wombo.

Do I have to quit my job in order to join?

Nope! Launch House is open to any and all builders. There is no need to quit your job to participate. Although we should warn you, this has been a side effect of building the next big thing!

I’m a previous founder. What resources do you have available for me?

Believe it or not, most of our members have some form of founder experience before heading our way. In addition to basic support and community, only some of our resources are below to give you an idea:

  • exclusive perks, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars
  • access to industry leaders and experts via networking receptions, fireside chats, and more
  • access to both our member and venture capital directories, as well as features in deal-flow blasts
  • sprints — entirely digital, short bursts of curriculum + teaching

I can't commit to a residency yet. How else can I get involved?

We recognize every journey begins differently. Many of our members utilize the community aspect of Launch House and have chosen not to do a residency program. But — if you’re interested in participating in the future, let our Admissions team know that you'd like to be kept in the loop as future schedules are announced!

How does the core team think about diversity?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core principles of our community, and have been since day one. We know that diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and opinions help our community become stronger and allow the best outcomes to be achieved. We have a council of members from various backgrounds who meet regularly with our founding team to advise and brainstorm new initiatives. We also work with consultants regularly to craft surveys with inclusive language, a guiding dei statement, and more.

How does Launch House think about and handle COVID?

We strictly follow CDC recommendations and are constantly on the lookout for updates.

Since our founding, we’ve had an industry-leading policy, including a quick-response action plan to prevent outbreaks, as well as multiple medical professionals working as consultants for our team.

How can I learn more about Launch House?

Since you’re asking... other than our website which you clearly already found, our twitter and various newsletters are always the most up to date spots and offer a great insight into who we are, what we're passionate about, and the dope things our members are building.

The Perfect Prospect

Who should apply?

Launch House is designed to be open to anyone. While many of our members come from blue-chip institutions, many others do not.

Some of our most successful applicants and community members exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Founder or builder of an early-stage startup
  • Honest, hard-working, humble, inclusive, and respectful
  • Excited to actively contribute to the community and share their knowledge and expertise with their peers

What industries do you work with / do your members come from?

The companies within LH range in a bunch of areas — from fintech to defi, crypto protocols to nft marketplaces, we even have some incredible CPG brands and healthcare startups. Our members, and their missions, are as diverse as they are endless, and make everyday exploring that much more fun.

What does your member base look like?

Our member base is already 700+ builders with a total market cap of $1 billion — yup, with a b. These future leaders are incredibly diverse, both in industry, school of thought, geographic location, and background. The more people we bring into our community, from more unique spaces, the better off we all are.

Do you have any age minimum requirements? Is my age a factor in your selection process?

Our IRL residencies are 21 and up for obvious reasons. But, for those who just can’t wait, our digital-first programs, we can and do accept anyone over 18!

Is my company or idea too far along to benefit from Launch House?

Launch House is stage and sector agnostic. While most Launch House members are early-stage, we also have members in our community beyond that, and we still provide as much support as possible, regardless of stage. If you’re curious about this, let us know, and we can always connect you with those members specifically to share their experiences.

What if my company doesn’t ultimately succeed?

That’s totally okay! The probability of failure is extraordinarily high in the world of venture capital, and we’re behind you either way. Keep your head up, look to solve problems, and don’t be afraid to try again — we weren’t!

Entering Our Orbit

Can I stop by the house just to say hello?

For the safety of our members, not to mention the best protection of your schedule, please reach out to a member of our team to get approval prior to coming.

PS - to really stay in the know, you can also keep an eye out for our upcoming events or sign up for one of our local newsletters!

Will Launch House sponsor my event?

Maybe, but we’d need to know more! Feel free to connect with for all sponsorship and partnership inquiries, and for all event requests.

I'd like my brand or company to be part of the member perks offering. How can I get involved?

Totally! To be considered as part of our perks offering, please submit this form and a member of our partnership team will be in touch.

I know a great founder who should join the Launch House community. How can I let you know?

Awesome — some of our most impressive founders come through referrals! To let us know, please submit a referral here.

Is Launch House hiring? Here's my resume!

Honestly, for the right people, almost always! Browse and apply to open roles here.

Club Membership

What's included with membership?

Membership gives you full access to launch house's orbit, with benefits changing near daily. A few highlights include sprints, squads, and a directory that connects you to other members. Basically, membership unlocks the power of 700+ of the world’s most driven and innovative founders and builders, and puts them all in your corner. Endless possibilities, right?

Can you tell me more about the networking and educational opportunities?

Our bread and butter! Our community is filled with founders of impressive backgrounds — examples being Airbnb, Harvard, Google, Coinbase, Y Combinator, and many other great institutions. Whether irl or url, these members are at your disposable, and ready to lift each other up. We also have many past speakers to learn from, with a small highlight reel including Fred Ehrsam (co-founder of Coinbase), Ryan Breslow (founder of Bolt), and Andrew Chen (Partner at a16z).

How do you help members with fundraising?

We help members level up, regardless of their objectives. For fundraising specific goals, we’ll facilitate investors intros via demo days, mixers, and access to our expanded directory, empowering members to reach out directly and control their own destiny.

How do you help members with building a brand?

If brand development is the target, we support our members by running sprints on topics like content creation and making the most of twitter, and by hosting kickbacks and fireside chats with social media gurus.

Does membership automatically renew?

Yes, it sure does — after an initial 12-month period.

Can I apply if our company or founders are not from the US? Can you help with visa/immigration issues?

While our membership is over 20% international, we can’t assist with visa requests. We have members who can offer anecdotal information and tips, but in case that’s not enough, we offer digital membership and metaverse residencies, which you can have a peep at here.

You talk a lot about getting a home for life with Launch House. Is there anything I could do to get kicked out of the network?

Launch House is a professional environment, and it is expected that members act accordingly. While we never want to get to this point, we will. If conduct by a member is deemed to be damaging, disruptive, harmful, or prejudicial, to the Launch House community or its members, it may result in suspension or expulsion.

The Residency

What is the Launch House residency?

This is only the beginning of the Launch House experience: a 1-month program, either irl or url, with other builders, where you get to live, learn, and launch together. You should consider this time as your onboarding to a membership with the power of 500+ of the world’s most driven and innovative founders and builders. For House specific residency questions, please see each program page for full deets.

What is the time commitment?

Launch House is what you make of it. Most of the day is free time, and we have 1-2 hours of optional programming Monday through Thursday.

Members often find that most of the magic comes from the serendipitous nature of spending time around the rest of your curated cohort-mates, so we encourage you to soak in every moment.

What does a typical week look like?

This is a tough one as weeks vary based on each program, but the day is usually the same - working, building, thriving.

Here’s a sample week of evening programming to really paint the picture:

  • Monday: Meet with your squad and attend Circle to go deep with your cohort.
  • Tuesday: Hang at our weekly kickback - eat food, chat with investors and creators, and enjoy a talk by speakers like Justin Kan or Andrew Chen.
  • Wednesday: Go to office hours hosted by a community or team member to get feedback on your pitch deck or insight on how to launch on product hunt.
  • Thursday: Attend a talk given by our team on Twitter & TikTok for founders.
  • Friday: Organize an outing with members of your cohort or the community who live in your city.