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What is Launch House vs Hack House?

Launch House is a community for founders. Hack House is a community for engineers. If Launch House is the school of business, Hack House is the school of engineering.

Together they are the beginnings of a constellation of communities focused on bringing together the brighest minds building the future.

What does a typical week look like?

Every day is usually the same during the day - working.

In the evenings, things vary. Here’s an example week:

  • Monday: Meet with your squad during the day and attend Circle to bond with your cohort at night.
  • Tuesday: Hang out at our weekly kickback - eat some food, chat with some investors and creators, and enjoy a talk by an interesting speaker like Justin Kan or Andrew Chen.
  • Wednesday: Go to cohort office hours hosted by a founder in our community to get feedback on your pitch deck.
  • Thursday: Attend a talk given by our team on Twitter & TikTok for founders.
  • Friday: Organize a dinner outing at a nice restaurant with your cohort.

How does the core team think about diversity?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core principles of our community. We know that diverse backgrounds and opinions help our community become stronger and allow the best outcomes to be achieved.

We have a council of members from various backgrounds who meet regularly with our founding team to advise and brainstorm new initiatives.

What is the time commitment?

Launch House is what you make of it. Most of the day is free time, and we have 1-2 hours of optional programming Monday through Thursday.

Members often find that most of the magic comes from the serendipitous nature of spending time around the rest of your curated cohort-mates.

Who should apply?

Launch House is open to anyone. Many of our members come from blue-chip institutions, but many others do not.

Our most sucessful applicants and community members exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Founder of an early stage startup (relevant to the residency program they are applying to)
  • Honest, hard working, humble, inclusive, and respectful
  • Excited to actively contribute to the Launch House community and share their knowledge and expertise with their peers

How much does it cost?

Community membership is $3,000 per year.

What's included with membership?

Launch House membership includes a wide variety of benefits to help you accelerate growth — for yourself and your company:

  • Fundraising and hiring assistance
  • Members-only events and retreats
  • Members-only NFT drops
  • Community clubs and peer groups
  • An exclusive content library
  • Hundreds of SaaS perks
  • Members-only parts of our Discord and metaverse location
  • And much more

Who else will be in my cohort?

Once you become a member, you'll be added to a Discord channel with everyone else who will be in your cohort.

You'll also get a chance to meet them during our kickoff event. This will happen one week before the start of your cohort.

What is the application deadline?

We accept applications to all programs on a rolling basis. In order to ensure availability, it’s highly recommended to apply by the early application deadline.

However, we accept applications until 1 week before the start date.

What about COVID?

We stricly follow CDC recommendations and are constantly on the lookout for updates.

We have an industry-leading policy, including a quick-response action plan to prevent outbreaks, as well as multiple medical professionals working as consultants for our team.

If you have more questions please reach out to our team.

How quickly will I hear back?

Our (small) team reviews applications on a rolling basis. Most applications are reviewed within a few days, but we do not guarantee a particular turn around time.

What happens after I join?

Joining a residency program also includes 1 year of membership to our community.

During that year, you'll have access to fundraising and hiring assistance from our well-networked team, our exclusive content library, members-only events and retreats, NFT drops, software perks, gated parts of our Discord community and metaverse location, and our digital community platform.

If you choose not to renew membership, you'll lose access to these benefits.

Can I bring my cofounder?

Many cofounding teams have joined Launch House together.

However, Launch House membership is on an individual basis. If your cofounder is also interested in joining, have them submit an application and flag it to our Admissions team. We'll quickly set up a time to chat with them.

Are there grants or financing options available?

Yes. We have four types of grants:

  • Traditionally underrepresented backgrounds
  • Early stage
  • Student
  • Hardship

Grants are issued on a case by case basis and are applied to your program fee. If you'd like to apply for a grant, let us know!

Most founders also choose to pay for Launch House through their company as a business expense.

Can I bring my pet?

Sadly for us, we're unable to accommodate most pets.

Some registered service animals are ok to bring with you — talk to our team for more information.

I can't become a member yet. How else can I get involved?

Even if now isn't the right time to join but you'd still like to be involved with the community, drop your email at the bottom of our homepage.

We'll keep you up to date with what's going on within the community — including a heads up about events we host.

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Applications are now open for our in-person and online Winter Residency programs.

Early Apply Deadline:

December 29