Winners Circle Gaming, providing opportunities for video gamers

There are more than 1 billion video gamers worldwide logging more than 3 billion hours a week playing their favorite video games… for free.

Winners circle gaming is going to change that by offering video gamers the exclusive, exciting opportunity to earn fortune and fame playing video games. That’s right users can have a career as a professional gamer.

With WCG, gamers can use the Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming consoles for the opportunity to earn revenue through 1 vs. 1 challenges, high stakes tournaments, sponsorships and endorsements. It is very exciting for gamers to have the chance to create a career doing something they love to do: playing video games.

I sat down with the founder, Brandon Pitts, to Winners Circle Gaming.

The dream: To bring opportunities to gamers around the world to earn revenue playing games they love not only for fun but for a career as well.

Fun fact: Brandon likes to play basketball

Known for: Brandon is a funny guy, the class clown of LHX

Connect with Winners Circle Gaming today:



Twitter: @WCGgaming

Instagram: WinnersCircleGaming


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