Last year, hundreds of people applied for a seat to spend 3 days on one of 6 buses, sleep deprived and occasionally motion sick, to launch 30+ products in front of a packed room of press, entrepreneurs and VCs in Austin at the SxSW technology conference. This year, StartupBus is expanding to 12 buses from all over the country, and applications are open - but you need an invite first.

In the weeks since our December 2011 announcement, a thousand people have registered their interest to apply for StartupBus. To request yours, head to ( and connect. From there, find a former Buspreneur and convince them that you have what it takes to be a part of a StartupBus tribe.

The fanciful idea of putting an entrepreneurial competition on a bus was conceived of by Elias Bizannes over beers one night and has since flourished into an annual event involving some of the most creative hackers, designers and do’ers out there. Buspreneurs spend 72 hours on the road developing products, refining pitches and fighting off motion sickness as they barrel towards a final competition in Austin, Texas. There, teams will have the opportunity to demo and pitch their products to some of the biggest names in the business.

This year, the StartupBus competition will expand to up to 12 buses from across the country. Regions that want to be represented in the competition need to first be unlocked ( to join.

For more information, email or tweet @TheStartupBus.