This past Wednesday, February 1 marked the noteworthy Beta launch of FounderSync, LaunchHouse portfolio company, an online platform connecting entrepreneurs with the necessary resources. 

The proprietary matching algorithm that is FounderSync seeks to pair up co-founders of companies based on complementary skills, needs, ideas, and the missing pieces needed to get an idea off the ground. Through striving to match people together and provide the tools and resources, entrepreneurs and startups have a greater ability to succeed, whether it is through simple conversations with other users or through partaking in the process of starting a business.

Since its launch in November 2011, FounderSync has created significant early stage traction with over 1,700 twitter followers, 165+ Facebook likes, and 100+ sign ups during the Alpha launch. FounderSync’s goal of attracting people to develop their profiles and begin the process of creating new companies has been a huge success.

Influential features include instantly building your entrepreneurial profile by connecting your social networks. Within a minute of coming to the site you can be ready to start connecting with new entrepreneurs. Following the beta launch the algorithm technology will be able to tell you "This is someone you SHOULD know" versus "this is someone you may know", thus ensuring a venture success.

The FounderSync platform allows for continuous changes, updates, and new content, to be constantly improving with exciting features designed to give users the best possible experience, matches, information, and more.

 Do you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion that cannot be contained? Do you have great ideas, looking for creative side projects, a serious business man, or have the drive to make something happen? Join the beta launch!

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