Duel.fm is revamping the traditional music experience

Our final podcast of the LHX series is with Kyle of Duel.fm, a company that specializes in turning the experiences people have with music into a hot new game. Launching early 2013, Duel allows players a unique way to have fun answering trivia while also finding new music, learning more about people/places and earning free stuff like music downloads.

For artists and bands, Duel is a platform to reward audiences through shared musical interests and deeper real-world experiences. Part music-discovery, part location and all game, Duel combines relevancy with competition and reward to encourage rich, new experiences and continual engagement.

Hooked yet? I thought so. After all, who doesn't like music? Click here to listen to the Duel.fm podcast!

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Duel.fm allows audiences to consume and discover music in new ways
  • Duel pivoted upon discovering that there are analog services on the market
  • Entrepreneurs often lack a healthy diet and sleep schedule!

About Duel.fm:

The dream: For Duel to bring attention to Cleveland; to remind people of what's possible for companies coming out of this area.

LHX discovery: Entrepreneurs don't have the healthiest diets! With the long hours entrepreneurs work, Kyle would like to see healthy eating in those circles.

Why Cleveland is great for entrepreneurship: Cleveland is still a maturing marketplace, but there is a lot of desire and willingness to help entrepreneurs. We're all in the same boat and hopefully 1-2 years away from being a mature market.

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