Cleveland: No Longer the “Mistake by the Lake”

Newsflash: Cleveland is no longer “the mistake on the lake.” We’re moving up, ready to resume our title as one of the top cities in the U.S. Why you may ask? Thanks to the strong entrepreneurial hub located right here in Cleveland, OH. You heard us, OH-IO!

While entrepreneurship may not be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of Cleveland, we’re starting to make quite an impact. Here are a few reasons why you should rethink Cleveland and come to us for your startup expansion.

  1. Investment is growing: The Venture Capital Advisory Task Force said  private investment in the Cleveland area rose 121 percent to $221 million in 2010. The nationwide increase from ’09-’10 averaged around 19 percent, making Cleveland’s entrepreneurial growth one of the largest in the country. Now, Cleveland is ranked the 12th largest economy in the country. We’re on our way back to the top!
  2. Entrepreneurial Support: Cleveland has become a hub for entrepreneurial support. Entrepreneurial resources such as LaunchHouse , the Cleveland Entrepreneurial Center  and TiEOhio  are working hard to give Cleveland entrepreneurs the funding and support needed to make their startup dreams a reality. In recent years, Cleveland has become a hotspot for healthcare and IT innovations. Events such as Cleveland Startup Weekend are also great ways for entrepreneurs monetize their passion. Here in Cleveland, we’re love to put the ‘up’ into startups.
  3. Affordable: The low cost of living, retail space and close proximity makes Cleveland an ideal spot for entrepreneurs to spread their wings. Forbes ranked Cleveland in the top 20 most affordable cities in the U.S., making the startup phase easier for entrepreneurs on a budget.
  4. Diverse market: Cleveland is diverse. It’s as simple as that. With so many different cultures, religions and whatever else you can think of, theirs bound to be a target audience for your startup. Don’t believe us? Just check out all the business niches we have
  5. Entrepreneurial community: Along with a strong hub of entrepreneurial support, Cleveland is also home to a tight-knit entrepreneurial community. The Cleveland entrepreneur Meetup community is buzzing with mixers, workshops and other cool events along with TECA Cleveland. Entrepreneurial communities can also be found in many of the local universities including Kent State,   Case Western and Baldwin Wallace. With such an abundance of entrepreneurs, you’ll never be without a fellow entrepreneurs input.   TECA Cleveland branc

So now that you know all the benefits of being a Cleveland Entrepreneur, why not give us a shot?





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