The LaunchHouse Way


  • Ohio has all the attributes needed to become a hub for successful startups.
  • Pre-seed venture investing is hard work but necessary to develop the companies of tomorrow.
  • For-profit accelerators are cost-efficient because they require frugality and free market accountability.
  • To compete we must create micro-ecosystems that work hard for promising entrepreneurs.
  • The amount of money raised is not an indication of a startup’s promise or a good measure of regional economic growth.
  • Founders, mentors, and investors want to see a direct impact of their time and dollars.
  • The degree of support available to promising startups at the earliest stages is the best measure of an ecosystem.
  • Success should be based on ROI and job growth (startup jobs, not LaunchHouse jobs)


  • We’re a community of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
  • We help startups develop new customers on day one, long before a product is finished.
  • We do not partake in partisan lobbying.
  • We keep staff salaries low and tied to ROI and job growth.
  • Urgency, accountability, and communication are everything.
  • We’re a public/private partnership: private and public dollars combine to maximize returns.
  • We strive for transparency in everything we do.
  • We are methodical in how we work with startups.
  • We expect startups to collaborate with, and give back to the startup community.