LaunchHouse is a dynamic, collaborative business community that provides companies with education, investment, mentorship, office space and access to a key network of resources from our region in order to accelerate the process of taking a product to market. We invest in early-stage, high growth startups from a variety of industries, from hardware and technology to mobile and consumer products. We’re looking for companies that can prove product market fit, have the ability to become revenue generating and crete jobs within a rapid period of time.


    • We believe that education is the first step to launching a successful company.
    • We invest at an early stage and assist with prototyping.
    • We know how to launch lean companies.
    • We have partnerships that help get products to market.
    • We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

    Cleveland offers startup companies a wealth of resources that reside at the convergence of technology and manufacturing. We learned early on that it takes a community to grow a startup. Mentors and partners organizations play a big part in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing teams with feedback, technical advice, business guidance and connections. Our partners are passionate about supporting the next generation of companies, economic development and sustainability in Northeast Ohio. Click here for a complete list of our partners. 

    Email Stephanie Bartolone, at, to join our elite group of partners.