About Us

LaunchHouse is a lean business accelerator that fosters entrepreneurial success and job creation through investing cash, hard work and collaboration with interesting, like-minded people. Our mission is to create a hub of entrepreneurial innovation for promising startups and to help transform ideas into successful companies.


The mission of LaunchHouse is to create a hub of entrepreneurial innovation for promising startups and to help transform ideas into successful companies. LaunchHouse manages a growing portfolio of innovative startups. We focus on promising entrepreneurs and ideas that have a high growth potential, and that can quickly achieve market validation with a ‘small’ financial outlay. We recruit, support and coach these ventures from idea to profitable business. LaunchHouse has provided $585,000 in investment capital, since its inception in 2009. Through development efforts, our community of mentors, connection with interns and a network of investors, these companies were able to raise over $20 million in follow-on funding.


Founding partners Todd Goldstein and Dar Caldwell conceived the idea for LaunchHouse (LH) after working with and investing in startups, and consistently seeing the “typical entrepreneur experience.” Top entrepreneurial talent in town was either quickly leaving for the ‘coasts’ or slowly dying from a lack of attention, resources, and respect here in Cleveland. The LaunchHouse process helps portfolio companies succeed through seed funding, mentoring, education, business development services and a dynamic, entrepreneur-focused culture. Once a new business idea has been validated, we assist in finding follow-on investors as needed.


Our company's goals are to become the leading business development firm for entrepreneurs in the Midwest; to accelerate the startup business process; to improve the success rates of companies by utilizing the expertise and guidance of the business community; and to promote innovation, creativity, youthful energy, collaboration and integrity. We believe that the only sustainable way to transform our region is to retain, attract, and aggressively support a large volume of innovators. LaunchHouse is an ultra-efficient model that can be cost-effectively replicated on a regional and national basis.


  • We’re a community of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
  • We believe that urgency, accountability, and communication are everything
  • We believe we have a responsibility to coach and educate the most promising startups
  • We expect startups to collaborate with and give back to their community