About Us

LaunchHouse is a coworking space and community that fosters entrepreneurial success and job creation through education, hard work and collaboration with interesting, like-minded people. Our mission is to create a hub of entrepreneurial innovation for promising startups and to help transform ideas into successful companies.

LaunchHouse provides a collaborative ecosystem designed to foster entrepreneurship through education, coworking and a vast resource network. We are pioneering entrepreneurial education in Cleveland. Our focus on customer development and design thinking allow people to look differently at entrepreneurship and how to start a business. We believe that educating entrepreneurs and providing them with the knowledge and tools to succeed is the best way to help the region to prosper and create sustainable jobs for the future.

Through our various programs, we cultivate and nurture top entrepreneurial talent while helping transform early-stage startups from ideas to successful businesses. Since inception in 2008, LaunchHouse has grown a portfolio of 65 companies that have raised more than $29 million in follow-on funding.


  • We educate; we invest; we launch successful companies.
  • We’re a community of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
  • We believe we have a responsibility educate and mentor our region’s most promising startups.
  • We expect startups to collaborate with and give back to their community.